As an affiliate marketer, you probably spend a lot of time creating landers and banners, making sure everything looks great and enticing for the traffic to click through and convert.

However, how much time do you actually spend on the headlines? If you are just blindly throwing headlines on the banners and landers, you are probably doing it wrong.

Headlines in itself are just as important. Do you know that a beautifully-crafted headline, forces potential users to click for more information?

Let’s dive in on why creating great headlines are important.

The Real Functions of Headlines

Newspaper, Emails, Blog, Websites, and Leaflets have one thing in common and that’s headlines. Besides grabbing attention, the functions of creating great headlines are,

– Grabbing attention and luring prospect into finding out more about the content

– Creating a sense of urgency

– Sorting out target audiences

– Delivering the message of what to expect in the content

Creating a headline that contains all the above elements is challenging, but the best headlines usually have all of the above.

Short or Long Headlines?

Always being discussed in copy-writing circles –

Should you go for short or lengthy headlines?

The answer is either or.

There are times when short and sweet lines work great, as well as longer ones. So it’s up to you to choose. However, keep in mind that delivering a strong message comes with practice.

I’ve compiled below the best attention-grabbing headlines as voted by copywriting communities. Use them to inspire you in your headline creation!

“?” Headline

A question headline works great in triggering curiosity, and at the same time you are able to target a particular pool of audience that understands your questions. 

Example – Have you found out about the “Industry Standard” of spy tools?

How-To Headline

Probably one of the best headlines with high click through rates. Including how-to headline that promises to solve a problem can be very effective. After all, we could use a bit of advice every now and then.

Example – How to get started in affiliate marketing

Numbered Headline

Research shows that numbers and words pairing create a visual interest that sticks in the mind and it also effectively catches user’s attention. That is why “Top 10 …” “7 Ways To …” “3 Best ….” are widely used.

Example – 12 Best tips to survive zombie apocalypse

Curiosity Gap Headline

Our mind is programmed to be curious. This ‘curiosity gap’ refers to that gap between what you already know and what you would like to know. This type of headlines is often being used in native ads. To get lots of ideas, is one of the websites that use curiosity gap headlines extensively


– A simple gesture by his friends inspired him to commit an act of kindness on the daily.

– This blind man navigates the street without his stick, but with sound waves.

– There’s no rule that says Disney princesses have to be skinny.

Negative Headline

While most headlines are using positivity, suggestions, and curiosity. Negative headlines can still be beneficial in getting reader’s attention. It works because people do not want to make mistakes or risk losing stuff.


– Do NOT do this during an interview!

– Learn: Affiliate marketing failures and lessons

Exciting Headlines

Ultimately, the purpose of a great headline is to draw readers and make it impossible for them to stay away. By putting excitement in the headline and pairing it with exciting content, you will probably have the perfect combination. Don’t be afraid to include “Awesome” “Best” “Amazing” “Unbelievable”. Just make sure that the content you are providing lives up to the headline.


– 3 AMAZING TIPS to help you get super-fit in 20 days

– Unbelievable! Learn how this old lady earn $10,000 a WEEK


Creating a great headline title is not as complicated as you might think. By using these tips and tricks, you can start to level up your headline writing game and be on your way to securing more click through and conversions. Give all of the tips a try and see which types gives you more success rate.



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