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EPISODE #4:  Zorbas Media Insider’s View- What’s trending?

Looking for quality affiliate news? There’s a good chance you’re already following Zorbas Media, the up and coming news resource site for all things affiliate related. Today we’re delighted to have Stan Semenov, Head of Growth at Zorbas Media to share with us an insider’s view on how they started,  exciting updates on their future plans, what’s trending and a valuable tip that you don’t want to miss! (Hint: This might just be the future of forums – feel free to hit us up for links to the channels! )

You’ll Find Out:  

  • How Zorbas Media started
  • What are some challenges they faced & their achievements so far
  • Future trends Zorbas Media 
  • Personal Tips & Recommendations

Guest: Stan Semenov
Host: Darren Liu

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