What’s life like working remotely as an Affiliate Marketing Manager at Wewe Media? While the Wewe Media headquarters is located in sunny Singapore, we certainly can’t live without our remote working team out there constantly working hard to make things happen! As we say…Teamwork makes the Dream Work.

Today we have our Bangkok-based affiliate manager / health fitness coach / cafe owner Darren Liu , whom you’ve probably heard on our Everything Under The AM-Brella podcast as our show host — if not check it out here— joining us to share about life as a Wewe Media affiliate manager working remotely.

What’s a typical day at work as an affiliate manager working remotely?

Every ‘digital nomad’ has their own way of working out their schedule for optimal productivity. I wake up at 6AM every morning and take a 20 minute stroll to a coffee shop to clear any outstanding emails or messages from the overnight – then I head to the gym to get my blood flowing for a day of work. I have my laptop out almost all day at the cafe I run in Bangkok, so I’m pretty much plugged in unless a customer walks in that I need to entertain.This continues till about 7PM where I try to unplug and get ready for my nightly ritual — because getting enough sleep and recovering is crucially important to be productive the next day. Considering my timezone, however, I still reply to messages if it ends up hitting my inbox before I go to bed.

What is the best thing about remote working for you?

The best part is that I’m able to work from anywhere, as long as I have my laptop with me — or mobile. I can jump on and off at any time without someone micromanaging me. I’m at a stage of my life where I don’t need someone else to make sure I’m held accountable — I realize what type of effort and time it takes to be successful, especially working as a digital nomad. Being flexible and being able to do other things throughout the day is also a huge advantage, especially when there are different projects and passions that I’m involved with on a day-to-day basis. 

Remote working is not for everyone, what are some important character traits to succeed as an affiliate manager working remotely?

Adaptability, responsibility, accountability, and having the ability to prioritize your time properly. It can be tough to adjust to the timezones of your clients, so being readily available to provide good customer service at any time of the day is a great quality to have. It may not be the finest trait in a social setting when you’re out with your pals, but if the client/lead is important enough, you will find time for them by any means. This is affiliate marketing after all!

A common problem of remote working are distractions at work. How do you keep your focus?

This is definitely an issue that I deal with on a regular basis. Being the owner of a restaurant and having my ‘digital office’ in the same place, there are a lot of people that come in and out that need your attention. Especially as a new restaurant, you want to always make sure the quality is on point — so being distracted from remote work happens constantly. I allow myself around 4 hours (spread out throughout the day) of focus work that I do at a nearby cafe. It’s much easier to focus on important remote tasks when you’re away from distractions, obviously.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work?

Lots of movement — at the gym, basketball, group training classes, muay thai

Talk to people about nutrition and wellness

Find restaurants with high quality ingredients and with a great story behind their cuisine.

As a health coach, any advice you’d like to give to our readers on keeping fit?

The best advice that I can give to a wide scope of people is:Get healthy to lose weight, not lose weight to get healthy.

There are too many people fixated on weight loss, and a lot of them are looking for the quickest way to get there without actually putting in the work. Work also means finding the credible resources for credible information. There is so much misleading marketing out there, it’s incredibly hard to find that person/company that actually cares about your health and well-being and not about selling you their e-book or ‘lose weight fast’ method.

Inspired by the remote work life? Well you’re in luck. Wewe Media is always looking for ambitious people r so make sure to head over HERE to find out more. We’d love to hear from you.


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