Let’s take a look at a glimpse:

TikTok: Offers & Verticals 

Ad types: Video and Image Ads 

Verticals: Mainstream

TikTok: Payment & Investment 

Cost: CPM, Optimized CPM, CPC, and CPV (charged by 2-second or 6-second views or video completion)

Minimum Deposit: $20

Payment Methods: Paypal, credit card, bank transfer, and local e-Wallets

TikTok: Help Center

Personal Onboarding Manager: No 

Response Speed & Rating: Slow & Average 

Contact Methods: Feedback, Report Form, Email 

Email Address: advertise@tiktok.com

Introduction to TikTok & Affiliate Marketing?

TikTok is one of the newest major social media platforms to arise, it experienced tremendous growth and success among users of all ages. The platform is more suited to a younger audience, but parents and grandparents of the initial demographic have also joined abroad the platform. But what made it so popular? Psychological ploys used by marketers daily, a possibility to transform your life, and forsters plenty of powerful emotions in people. Unlike Youtube or Facebook, TikTok has figured out a way to make the platform addictive due to its short duration videos that allows users to lose hours of their day to the platform. 

Despite this, the con(s) TikTok have also helped a lot of business owners to gain popularity and promote awareness of their products and services via the platform. There’re many ways TikTok can help in business, one of which we are going to cover in this article will be using affiliate marketing to promote deals. It can be a fantastic way to make some extra money. However, it can rapidly get stale if you rely on the same traffic sources every day. How then can you continue to grow your affiliate company by discovering new traffic sources? Utilizing social media sites, like TikTok, is one choice. 

This post will explain how to use TikTok affiliate marketing, explain why this social network is a wonderful source of traffic, and explain how to get started.

Is There A Need For TikTok In Affiliate Marketing Campaigns ?

This platform makes a perfect place to grab people’s attention and drive them to your offers. Since TikTok is still rather new, there’s a decent chance that your competitor isn’t using it yet. That gives you a chance to get in on the ground while no one’s around. 

It became well known for its creative and engaging platform to roll out wonderful contents, with users able to optimize their short videos with music and other audio. The app has also launched several viral challenges, including infamous challenges. It’s available in 154 countries and 75 languages, making it one of the world’s most used social media platforms.

Promoting Affiliate Offers On TikTok For Free?

Even without using paid advertising, affiliate marketers can promote offers on social networks. Using TikTok Advertising can help to draw views and traffic quicker, you can leverage free organic traffic if you don’t have the budget or want to try it out first. 

It may take time and effort, when you’re using free organic traffic. The content must be creative and interesting to draw attention. The algorithm looks at engagements on your video to rank it appropriately. In other words, the more engagement it sees, the more likely your video will show up on the For You pages of relevant users.

TikTok requires users to create a business account and get at least a thousand followers before they can add a clickable link onto your profiles: 

Let’s us share some tips on how to get traffics from TikTok below:

  1. Create a personal account

Get the app from your app store first. Create an account next. You can sign in with an existing Facebook, Google, or brand-new TikTok account. In TikTok, your videos and promotions can appear only in selected locations (unless they go viral). If you’re thinking of promoting your videos in the United States, your account’s location will have to be set either in Canada or the United States.

More information on locations, click here.

Once you’re in, start engaging with other user’s videos! To understand further, you might want to stroll through some of the most popular videos to understand. Like, comment, follow or save any video content, to get some inspiration for the offers you want to promote. 

2. Switch your personal account to business account 

Navigate your settings and click on “Switch to Business Account.”

After that, you’ll be asked for some basic information about your business (like your business type and contact information, although that is not required). Once all the necessary information has been filled up, you will be able to use your TikTok just like the rest of the platforms.

If you have a business account, you can access analytics data that can help you understand the performance of your content.

You will have access to Creator Tools, which comprise the following: 

  • Analytics
  • Creator Portal
  • Promote
  • TikTok Shop

3. Start posting interesting content that will draw engagement 

You need to post content that appeals to your target audience if you want to attract them on TikTok. Here are a few steps to take:

a. Figure out who your target audience is and what kind of content they like to see.

You may research videos through the TikTok Creative Center, and find your niche. Look for music that is popular, you can find a variety of what’s trending in a specific country, for a specific industry, and within a set time frame. These are good indicators of the type of videos your audience will likely engage with.

It is possible to research manually on the app or on the TikTok website by typing keywords or browsing to the profiles of famous TikTokers you wish to emulate.

b. Research hashtags and trends. 

Get creative and ride the wave of what’s trending (even when it’s not relevant to your offer) and then simply add a twist that makes the trend relevant to your offer. TikTok trends allow you to use two things: hashtags and songs.

Let’s say you choose to utilize a music or sound instead of a hashtag. If so, you may anticipate your video to show up on For You Feeds of individuals who have interacted with that particular hashtag or music in the past, which will increase your chances of picking up viewers naturally.

Since TikTok is all about having fun, keep in mind that your goal is to provide informative and entertaining material. You’ll be well on your way to successfully publicizing your offer if you can pull both off.

c. Use Duets and Stitch.

You probably have seen a TikTok-ers Duet if you browse through TikTok. Duets are a terrific method to collaborate on content creation with others. They are essentially two videos playing side by side. The Duet function lets you work with other producers, reply to other videos, or simply just yell out your favorite videos. This is just another smart strategy for capitalizing on someone else’s viral video. 

A little differently, the Stitch feature allows you to introduce your own video using the original video. Users may wait and anticipate your own film to display in the same frame after a few seconds if it is a well-liked video.

d. Utilize and edit videos that belong to others. 

Since affiliate marketers would prefer to avoid having their own faces captured on camera for the sole purpose of promoting an offer, this is a common choice. If this sounds like what you’ll likely do, you must conduct the study mentioned above and then choose the movies you want to use. 

Once you have a list, get their URLs and download the videos using QLoad or Snaptik, two video rippers that remove the TikTok watermark. Make sure you make some adjustments to them before uploading photos to your account. Increase the video’s length, include popular sounds and tunes, change the brightness and contrast, and include some calls to action. 

Do your best to make the video appear unique because TikTok has a very sophisticated video evaluation system that can tell whether a video is simply a reupload of someone else’s original. If you post an unedited video and it is not rejected during upload, you risk getting shadow banned. There are few easier ways to edit TikTok videos available online, including the trusted Canva or Veed. With such good tools, you are able to edit, flip and compile videos together. 

4 . Have your content ready to post regularly but not too often. 

You can amass a thousand followers in as little as three days by consistently posting and engaging content. However, do not post too quickly (example: within minutes apart from each post.) At least, two hours would be the perfect gap between posts. This way, TikTok won’t suspect your account activity right away.

5. A Call to Action is a must to include in your video. 

If you don’t have a link in your bio, you may still tell users to “Follow for More” even if you can’t tell them to click on the link. By doing this, you are able to gain followers more quickly than if you just waited for users to follow your account naturally. As soon as you have a sufficient number of followers and are permitted to include a clickable link, confirm that the content of your website still complies with the Community Guidelines. In order to prevent having your account suspended and all of your hard work going to waste, it would be preferable to add a pre-lander rather than connecting straight to an offer.

Some TikTok affiliate marketers have tried setting up several accounts by impersonating their devices in an effort to increase traffic. Although successful, this was only a passing fad. TikTok’s more stringent requirements for a minimum of 1,000 followers and identity verification before allowing a clickable link in the bio are likely a result of marketers trying to game the system to make quick cash.

Be consistent and follow the guidelines if you want a successful, long-lasting business, the time and effort required to take this method are higher, just like in SEO or organic social media traffic. If you do it correctly, you can get consistent and relevant results for free for the next few upcoming months.

How Can You Advertise Affiliate Offers on TikTok?

You can always use sponsored promotions if you need to expand your audience right away for the reasons mentioned above. As they enable you to target a specific demographic and measure your results precisely—highly typical for social media platforms that provide paid advertisements—paid ads on TikTok can be very successful at pushing affiliate offers. 

The major advantage of using TikTok to promote affiliate offerings instead of trying to drive organic traffic is that consumers can click straight on the CTA button on the advertisement rather than having to go to the bio page to do so. Before creating a campaign, you must first learn about the best ad formats you can use on TikTok.

What Are The Different Types of TikTok Video Ads

TikTok provides marketers with a variety of ad styles, each with a unique pricing structure and goal. We’ll focus on those on this list that can help affiliate marketers: 

Brand takeover 

A brand takeover ad is a full-screen ad that appears when a user first logs in. It lives on the first screen they see when opening, users only need to tap the advertisement and they will be taken to the brand’s website. Such brand takeover ads can be an image or a 3-5 second GIF/video

Top View

A top view ad showcases your brand as soon as users open TikTok, which helps reach and engage audiences in a visually impactful way. It’s a version of the brand takeover ad unit that fades into an in-feed video ad, lasting 15 seconds in total.  

In-feed video Ads

An in-feed ad appears as a full-screen native video and is embedded within the ‘For You’ feed. It plays automatically and allows users to comment, share, like, etc., directly from the feed. Using in-feed ads is a better way to drive traffic to internal pages (like hashtags or challenges) or external landing pages (like websites). 

Image source from : TikTok

Branded Hashtag Challenges 

Create a branded hashtag challenge, encourage users to join your challenge, and encourage them to include your branded hashtag in their posts to maximize engagement.

According to TikTok Ads, “branded hashtag challenges are a creative and unique way to engage users.”. These challenges capitalize on users’ passion for creativity and expression. There have been over 50% of creators participating in hashtag challenges, generating huge brand buzz and affinity.”

Understanding TikTok’s Advertisement Goals 

Based on what your campaign is expected to accomplish, there are 4 different advertising goals (bidding methods). You can increase awareness and gain more ad impressions by using CPC (cost-per-click) goals.

CPC (cost-per-click) 

The cost of clicking is per click. Optimization will focus on acquiring more clicks. 

oCPC (optimized cost-per-click) 

Conversion-driven clicks are paid for. To increase conversions (such as app downloads, purchases, or sign-ups), the system optimizes delivery. 

CPM (cost-per-mille)

The goal of optimization is to increase reach and thousand impressions.

CPV (cost-per-view) 

The optimization goal will be to pay for every 6-second video view. 

How much do TikTok ads cost?

Your TikTik advertising campaign will cost more if you want to gain the most visibility among TikTok users.

Brand Takeover: $50,000 per day.

Hashtag Challenge: $150,000 for six days.

For those with access to the self-service TikTok ads platform, advertisers are able to set daily or all-time budget caps for in-feed ads. TikTok sets a minimum budget of $500 at the campaign level and $50 at the ad group level. This minimum spend is meant to ensure that your ad has enough budget to spend to reach your ad objectives.

Advertisers with smaller budgets should wait to see if the cost of advertising on TikTok will decrease. This has happened on other social networks as more advertisers join the platform.

Visit the TikTok For Business site to register an account and start deploying ads on a brand new highly engaging platform. For a step by step guide on how to register click here, and for inspiration of ads that brands are running across the region click here 

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