The feeling when you first start venturing into affiliate marketing world. Every information seems overwhelming, confusing and complicated. One paragraph of information you read seems to make sense, and the rest seems to be disconnected. Every person’s opinion from the forums is different. You just do not know how to take the next step realizing that your money is at stake. It’s either you win or you lose.

We understand where you coming from. The world of CPA affiliate marketing is no sunshine and rainbows, it definitely comes with its own complexity. While every CPA affiliates, from the beginners to the gurus have their different ways of doing things in the industry, there are few basic rules that you could follow so that you could enter CPA marketing world smoothly.

Things To Keep in Mind!

Start Slow

This first tip is probably the fundamental of affiliate marketing game. We know that every new ambitious affiliate would have those thoughts that in order to earn big, they must run multiple campaigns, test out multiple GEO and split test dozens of LP’s and offers, optimize their campaigns and earn that big dollars next month.

Hey… everyone start from the beginning. Do not expect to make huge profits right away, learning the fundamentals in the industry is a process that every beginner affiliate should learn to accept before running with the big guns.

Failure is Inevitable! But..

All experienced affiliate marketer will definitely tell you that how they make it in this industry isn’t an easy road, and that includes going through failures after failures. Even if you are extremely informed about the industry, once you jump into running campaigns, you will encounter failures.

On the other side, you are avoiding big failures by being well informed about the industry, and in return, you gain experience from that little mistakes that you did along the way. That experience is the lessons that you will bring on the entire affiliate marketing journey.

Preparation is Key

Be prepared, and that includes being well informed and understands the nitty gritty of the variables that could lead to you losing campaigns.

If you are well prepared on what to expect and how to overcome those obstacles, you will succeed eventually.

It’s a Continuous Journey

Keep in mind that there is no end in CPA affiliate marketing. No matter your skills, experience and earning you had acquired from affiliate marketing. There will always be ways to improve things on.

CPA Affiliate marketing requires continuous learning, experience, optimizing and effort to be up to date and well informed in the ever-changing competitive industry.

Now we all understand the attitude that every beginner affiliate marketer should possess while going through their affiliate marketing journey, let’s learn what’s required in the field for beginner affiliate marketer to make their first dive successful.

Beginner Tips

Follow Whats Working

Do your research and pay attention to the industry on whats working well currently. The things that work well for other affiliates will most likely work for you.

Find out whats working well in the network. If an offers grosses good stream of income, there is good chance you are getting a splash of goodness running it in the beginning. Be aware that gauging good offers doesn’t only come from conversion rates but the overall income of the offers altogether.

Don’t Bankrupt Yourself

Start everything small and test out your campaigns. We have seen countless beginner affiliates that goes ALL-IN on their campaigns as soon as they assume their campaigns will scale big, only to fail big time the next day.

What you should do is to increase the effort gradually, if the offers worked great, then you are good to increase. If it keeps failing, you still have room to go with something else.

Choose Offers That Is Simple To Convert

Recommended steps in choosing offers, is to choose the ones that will be easy for the traffic you send to convert.

That means choosing offers that have lower payouts, lower investment for traffic, easier steps to convert but with higher conversions rate such as Mobile Content Offers that can convert with 1-Click.

The benefit of running with this kind of offers is that you are able to acquire conversion data to proceed in optimizing and you could also gain greater knowledge and experience with bigger data than smaller data.

Tier 1 GEO Is Not For You Yet…!

Diving straight into Tier 1 GEO such as the United States will only be a suicide. Being in Tier 1 GEO just means that you are competing with big players that have been on the market for years, they know every little detail of the market and more than likely they are the ones that control the market.

Taking them head on will only make you lose money. So it will be wiser to settle with lower tier 2 GEO such as LATAM (Latin America) or tier 3 GEO such as Philippine, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. where there are lesser big players to compete with.

Action Plan Tips

Be Close To Your Affiliate Manager

In the world of affiliate marketing, the other person besides your mentor that you should be close with is your affiliate manager. Build a relationship, talk to them and be nice and it will be worth it.

Most of the time, these people have the eagle eye view of the Industry that you can’t acquire just by data reports. It could easily make a difference on kick-starting your campaigns successfully.

Spy and Scout

There’s no better learning experience than to spy what the big guys are doing. They pretty much figured out what works and what doesn’t.

Try to figure out their approaches and implement their strategies in the markets that they are not in.

All and all following their footsteps will only lead you down the road to success.

Take Note On Your Journey

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

There will be a point in your journey where everything just takes on halt. Generating an average profit and there seems to be no other way to increase it. Probably at this point of time you need to be stepping out of your comfort zone.

Taking a small risk and playing the game carefully is not bad at all. But to make major changes, you just have to take a bigger risk.

Try moving verticals and implement your knowledge and experience. Don’t be afraid to do bigger and complex campaigns. Just make sure you are spending wisely with your finances.

Keep Optimizing

Even a great campaigns will die over time, it will generate lesser and lesser income. If you come across this situation down the road, Don’t panic!

It’s totally normal for hot campaigns to die off, in this industry we called it campaign fatigue where traffic no longer interested with the repetitive campaign that you are pushing.

To overcome this issues what you have to do is to keep optimizing. Honestly, this process of optimizing should be a constant. Optimizing campaigns involves lots of variables, but major variables that should be taken into consideration is ANGLES, LANDING PAGES, TRAFFIC, BANNERS. Optimizing is a never ending process in order to keep the campaigns effective.


We understand that there’s lots of huge information to process in this industry. Possibly you might not know where to start and how to progress. If you follow the steps mentioned above, your foundation is covered to step in, progress and survive in this industry.

If you follow the steps mentioned above, your fundamentals are covered to dive in, progress and survive in this industry.

For sure it is not a comfortable industry. (contrary to what’ve been told that in affiliate marketing industry we could work from home and earning big bucks over the weekend and retire next year).

But rest assured in this industry there are still plenty of opportunities to make it big.

With a good start and constant striving, obstacles are seldom impassable. So use this tips to get a head start on CPA affiliate marketing and have a great journey ahead.


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