As you begin to run your campaigns, you will soon discover the importance of using your own landing pages. They are not only great for split testing but also for capturing emails, if you want to build a list. Plus they can provide a compliant page for advertisers like Google, Facebook, and Bing.

If you are promoting PPS offers, presell landing pages are going to be especially important to you.  People will almost never pull out their credit card to opt for your trial offer without one. You have to tell them the benefits of doing so.

When first starting out, it is tempting to just grab an offer’s supplied landing page and run with it. The potential problem with that, is the fact that a lot of your fellow affiliates are running the exact same page. There is nothing to make your lander stand out from the sea of others.

Sometimes, the offer lander is not the greatest, either. Creating a custom landing page that’s more attractive and attention-grabbing can mean the difference between a conversion and a bounce on your offer. This will also help your EPC and associated advertising costs.

Common Reasons Affiliates Skip Making Landing Pages


So, if custom landing pages are so important, why doesn’t everybody use them?

Well, there are a few reasons:

• Creating a page from scratch requires programming skills that most affiliates don’t have

• The time spent trying to create a page is the time you are not running a campaign

• Hiring someone to code your page can be costly and take time, often days

• Custom coded pages must be optimized and minimized for best load speeds

• Landers ripped from other people’s campaigns via spy tools, for example, need to be cleaned of any malicious and redirect codes that hide in your page code to hijack your paid traffic

So, how do you get unique, high converting landing pages quickly, without technical knowledge?

By using an alternative.

The Alternative Is Easy

PureLander is the perfect example of a logical alternative to coding your landers yourself, or through a hired developer.

Using their platform, you have more than 100 converting landing page templates to choose from and customize with attention-grabbing features. So, within just a couple of minutes, you have a landing page ready to upload and launch. That means that you can create a few landers for split-testing very quickly. And, like in all other businesses, time is money.

Why PureLander?

There are many reasons to use PureLander for your affiliate campaigns:

• You can browse through more than 100 top converting landing pages or create your own landing pages, all in one place

• All landing pages are editable and you can add your own customization through one single easy-to-use interface

• You can add special effects to your lander, like sound alert, vibration, open alert, disable back button, auto redirect

• Organize your landing pages into folders

• Download landing pages and upload them to your own host for total control

• Freedom to add your email capture, or other code to the finished HTML after downloading

• No technical skill required to create awesome landers

• Step-by-step tutorials if you need them, to get started fast

• Perfect for everyone, newbies to seasoned affiliates

The Perfect Partnership

Wewe Media has partnered with PureLander, to bring you the perfect package for rocking conversions.

To get started, talk to your affiliate manager about offers that are doing well with your preferred traffic source. Then create your unique landing page in PureLander. Upload to your host then start promoting and optimizing to get those conversions! Don’t forget to check allowed methods and get your landers approved, if necessary.

We’re excited about this partnership and about helping you succeed



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