Affiliate marketing is becoming increasingly important to businesses in a variety of industries. With the constant growth of social media platforms’ user bases and the increasing interest in the opinions of public figures and online personas, affiliate marketing has become more relevant now than ever before. 50% of affiliated-referred traffic comes from mobile devices, with affiliate partnerships generating more than 20% of annual publishers’ revenue.Data driven marketing and voice-search optimisation have been the more popular trends the past years and 2021 is going to see some shifts, as new domains secure their place in the marketing space.

1. Seasonal Advertising

Marketeers no longer affiliate with similar brands and products till the end of time. Affiliate marketers are now making switches according the changing trends. As the increasing number of businesses make use of consumer date to market their products, seasonal advertising is going to be big in 2021.

2. Native Advertising

Native advertising is a type of advertising where rather than doing the advertisement in conventional banner-ads format, it is carefully slipped into the content. Reports suggest that it is efficient means of marketing, so it just might be the big thing in 2021. As per researchers, they assume that almost half of social media users trust influencer suggestions and convert those suggestions into successful purchases.

3. Quality over quantity

Most affiliate marketers create minimal content, and the content they will use is often recycled from the offer owner. What might have worked in the past- chasing traffic without a content strategy, is definitely a big no no now. Every available promotional channel now has a range of tools and restrictions designed to hide or flag low-quality content while promoting stuff people actually want to see.

4. Video Content

Video is one of the more effective tools when it comes to advertising. It is said that 72% of people learn more about their favourite products through videos. 84% of customers tend to buy something after they watch a video of the product they are interested in. Viewers of videos are much more likely to remember the call-to-action than readers of a blog. All of which, says a lot about the power of videos. In 2021, this method is expected to become sleeker. It will be a trend for content makers to stand out to brands prior to creating a video, instead of brands always having to do the job.

5. Diversification

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that specialization can either help you take off, or it can take you out. For every company like Netflix, which has seen business surge thanks to stay-home-notices and lockdowns, there are thousands of smaller companies that have slowed down or shut down altogether. Successful people tend to have multiple income streams, and successful affiliate marketers are no different. To maximize your chances of success, try running multiple offers at the same time and see which one sticks — then, double down and spend more time, effort, and dollars on the winners.

Affiliate marketers must remember that both paid and free traffic can be effective in delivering a return on investment (ROI). There is a substitute for paid ads, but there are no substitutes for content novelty and quality. Therefore, simplistic volume-based incentives, expensive trading terms without perceivable added value and generic analyst content will not be sufficient to drive strong client growth in 2021.


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