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The World Of Native Advertising

I eat danger for breakfast”  -Angela Feng

Today’s special guest, Angela Feng!

Senior Media Sales Director at Taboola. Be informed with her tips and other knowledgeable advice about native advertising. Insider info and details on trends observed in this industry and learn why content is important. Learn from her experience on native advertising and content discovery!

You’ll Find Out:  

  • Angela’s journey on Native Advertising
  • Early struggles in affiliate marketing/native advertising and how she overcame them 
  • Life at Taboola
  • Trends observed in this industry
  • How does one define their marketing objective and build the right ads?
  • Rapid Fire Questions: 10 things you probably didn’t know about Angela Feng

Guest: Angela Feng, Senior Media Sales Director, Taboola. 

Host: Jon Semira

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