TES 2019

Wewe Media is going to TES Affiliate Conference in Prague from 13-16 September 2019! Representing us will be our newest Affiliate Manager, Marina coming to you with plenty of dating and casino experience. So make sure to hit up our friendly Russian girl she’ll love to have a chat about how you can join a network where you’ll feel the real DIFFERENCE! 

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MEET MARINA, our Senior Affiliate Manager! 

Feel free to say hi to her on Facebook 

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Event Details: 
Dates: 13 – 16 September 2019
Location: Vienna House Diplomat Conference Hotel, Evropska 15

Why should you attend? 

Building a strong personal network is one of the essential things you should do to succeed in affiliate marketing. Yes it’s possible to network online but nothing beats the relationship forged on a personal level. TES is another great opportunity for affiliates, media buyers, advertisers and publishers from all over the world to network and do business. To take networking to another level, their schedule kick starts on Day 1 with a “Hospitality Day” where everyone gets to know each other through fun games and activities , as well as an intensive 3 hours “Meet Market” networking session. This is definitely a great warm up to Day 2 & 3 where real business starts. 

With plenty of useful talks in stall ranging from seminars, panels, product presentations, speed presentations and keynote speakers, there’s definitely something useful to takeaway if you keep your eyes out for it. 

Here are some of the talks we’re looking forward to and we’ve categorised them into topics for easier viewing. If you’re like us looking to know more about these topics, make sure to jump directly in and learn what you need to learn while you’re at TES!  

You can visit https://tesaffiliateconferences.com/schedule/ for a more detailed view of the schedule.

All About Mobile 

Seminar – Mobile: Using Fewer Words to say more and build higher ROI
When: Day 1 – 2pm
Who: Jeremy Hendon, Founder and Director of Product, CoBionic

Seminar – Mobile Monetization 2019
When: Day 2 – 2pm
Who: Andy Wullmer, CEO Mobile, TrafficPartner

Automation & Machine Learning

Seminar – The future of automation in media-buying
When: Day 1- 10am
Who: Vlad Zhovtenko, Product Owner, RedTrack.io

Product Presentation – LandingTrack: Automation- Performance Oriented
When: Day 1 – 12pm
Who: Jorge Imedio, CEO, LandingTrack

Seminar – Parallel Virtual Reality Universe powered by Blockchain
When: Day 1 – 12pm
Who: Artur Sychov, Founder & CEO, Somnium Space Ltd.

Seminar – Programmatic Email Marketing – EDM reloaded
When: Day 1 – 12pm
Who: Benedikt Becker, Head of Sales, Audience Serv

Seminar – The Future of CRM; The Automation, Automation scenarios
When: Day 1 – 1pm
Who: Kourosh Maheri, University Lecturer/Hightech consultant, Maheri Co.

Seminar – ML influence on how people interact online today in dating and social networking
When: Day 1- 1pm
Who: Anastasiia Bilous, CSO, NMS

If you want to find out more about optimising your campaigns through automation, make sure to check out our latest podcast

Affiliate Marketing Campaign Tips and Tools 

Seminar – Affiliate Marketing with Interactive and Personalized Content
When: Day 1 – 11am
Who: Dr. Saksham Sharda, Creative Director, Outgrow.co

Seminar – Your Key to successful campaigns set up- Practical workshop by Ads Keeper
When: Day 1 – 12pm
Who: Valentine Kovalenko, CEO, Adskeeper

Seminar – Spy your way to 4 figures a day
When: Day 2 – 11am
Who: Ido Oz, Founder & CEO, Idoz Software Solutions

Seminar – Lead Gen 101: An Evergreen Way to promote affiliate campaigns
When: Day 2 – 11am
Who: Majid Shah, Manager Digital Marketing, VentureDive

Best Practices in Security, Fraud Protection & Law

Seminar – Legal for Newbies – Back to Basics
When: Day 1- 11am
Who: Corey Silverstein, Attorney, Silverstein Legal
Jay Kopita, Co-owner, YNOT Group LLC

Seminar – How to collect debts while reducing legal risks
When: Day 1 – 10am
Who: Tal Ron, Advocate and Notary, Chairman and CEO, Tal Ron, Drihem & Co., Law Firm

Seminar – Fraud detection vs Fraud Prevention: How it works and what suits you best
When: Day 2 – 11am
Who: Dmitry Isakov, CEO, FraudScore

Seminar – Reputation management and protection
When:Day 2 – 3pm
Who: Stewart Tongue, President, EngineFood
Alex Lecomte, Sales & Marketing Director, 7 Veils

Seminar – European General Data Protection Regulation
When: Day 2 – 4pm
Who:  Günther Banholzer, General Manager, Philosoft GmbH
Corey Silverstein, Attorney, Silverstein Legal

Seminar – Romance Fraud in the Online Dating Industry
When: Day 2 – 11am
Who: Scott Harvey, Editor, Global Dating Insights

Google & SEO

Seminar – Google Penalties Explained. Understand, remove and avoid Google Spam actions
When: Day 1 – 11am
Who: ex-Search Quality Googler and SEO expert Kaspar Szymanski.

Keynote – Entities- the single most important SEO tactic. Full Stop
When: Day 1 – 5.15pm
Who: Jason BARNARD, Digital Marketing Consultant, KALICUBE  SAS

Seminar – How to get the most out of your presence in Google Shopping Ads
When: Day 2 – 11am
Who: Paweł Kijko, CEO, Heraldbee Inc.

Seminar – How to run an easy SEO audit for your website
When: Day 2 – 11am
Who: Grégoire Lacan, CEO, UniK SEO

Seminar – How to write a good content for SEO and users
When: Day 2- 1pm
Who: – Zohra BELMAHDI, Sales Executive France, TEXTBROKER
– Alan CladX, CEO, Investoweb

Seminar – SEO- 99 Tips to be the first on google
When: Day 2 – 4pm
Who: Alan CladX, CEO, Investoweb/cladx.com

Business Tips & Skills 

Seminar – How to manage your tech projects
When : Day 1 – 1pm
Who: Filip Karaicic, CEO, Quantox Technology

Keynote – SuperHuman Success Strategies
When: Day 1 – 3.15pm
Who: Iron Tamer Dave Whitley, Strongman, Iron Tamer Enterprises, LLC

Keynote –  Memory Skills Training for Business Professionals
When: Day 1 – 4.15pm
Who: Chester Santos, Author | International Speaker | Memory Skills Exp, The International Man of Memory

Seminar – Corporate Innovation – Not Just a Buzzword
When: Day 2 – 12pm
Who: Petar Slovic, Chief Innovation Officer, Quantox Technology

Adult Industry

Seminar – Profitable User Acquisition Strategies in Adult in 2019
When: Day 1 – 10am
Who: Kevin Feng, Marketing Director, Moxy Media LTD

Seminar – State of Adult Industry Technology 2019
When: Day 2 – 4pm
Who: Mitch Farber, CEO, NETbilling
Stephen Winyard, Chief Marketing Officer, AVSecure- Christopher O’Connell, CTO, MojoHost

Seminar – Every Dick has its preference. HOw to Convert your Users Sexual Preferences into Big Bucks
When: Day 2 – 3pm
Who:Peter Schwartz, Project Manager, Flirt.cash
Roland Grotheer, CEO, Imob Traffic Ltd.
Stefan Muehlbauer, Director of Marketing & Sales, Brokerbabe.com

Seminar – Romance Fraud in the Online Dating Industry
When: Day 2 – 11am
Who: Scott Harvey, Editor, Global Dating Insights

Social Media Advertising 

Seminar – How to use Facebook Ads to build a Sales Machine
When: Day 1 – 2pm
Who: Jason Hunt, CEO, Fresh Crowd

Seminar – How to build better social media
When: Day 2- 2pm
Who: Lauren MacEwen, CEO, 7 Veils Media

Seminar – Blackhat Advertising in Social Media
When: Day 2 – 12pm
Who:  Daniel Schiemann, CEO, Online Marketing Kings SRL

Seminar – How to buy social media accounts
When: Day 2- 3pm
Who: Daniel Schiemann, CEO, Online Marketing Kings SRL

What Else?

Besides getting business done, make sure to enjoy your time in Prague – soak in the medieval charm of the city, indulge in traditional Czech cuisine and wash it all down with a few glasses of top-notch Czech beer!

We look forward to see you there!


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