EPISODE #6: Super Affiliate Secrets to Success with Benjamin Yong

“The reason why a lot of people can’t be successful, is that they think too much. What if this happens, what if that happens … Eventually there will be no execution. So execution, execution execution first.” Benjamin Yong

Why am I not successful yet? While affiliate marketing can make you rich, it is never an easy path. We’re lucky to have Benjamin Yong with us today to share about his life journey , what’s up and coming for  him and some great tips that contributed to his success. Now a master of paid traffic sources, speaker , coach and STM Thought Leader, there’s definitely plenty to learn from this humble affiliate marketer! So make sure to tune in to fire up your motivation and don’t miss our episode with Ben’s Talk Show hosted by Benjamin Yong and Idvert , where our affiliate manager Zac shares his views on the best traffic source in the sweepstake vertical. 

You’ll Find Out:  

  • Important lessons learnt so far in affiliate marketing
  • Why Nutra is his Favourite Vertical 
  • The most important tool you should use before you start your campaign
  • Valuable tips on managing a team and challenges faced
  • His motivation for success & goals for the future
  • View on Sweepstake vertical & why it’s good for newbies.
    – Which should you go for ? Geos or Payouts 

Guest: Benjamin Yong
Host: Darren Liu

Download Transcription in English / Chinese 

As mentioned, we have a great episode on Ben’s Talk Show which you can watch right here


For more insightful webinars, make sure to check out more of Ben’s Talk Show with Idvert and don’t miss out on his blog for useful tips and tricks. If you don’t know Zac, our star affiliate manager already, do hit him up or visit his personal blog for great resources and reviews.

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