Today, Wewe Media dives into a personal review of Binom, a tracker we’ve been using for a year now. We’ve used a good number of affiliate tracking platforms extensively over the past 10 years. From Tracking/Prosper202, to iMobitrax, to MobAff, to Voluum, to Binom, it’s certainly been a colorful journey throughout. 

Without doubt, the tracker landscape has gotten much more interesting, as features get better, and costs get lower. Many tracking platforms have really upped their game, especially as of late.

Binom is our weapon of choice these days, and we would like to give you a personal review of the platform. 

What We Like:

  • Landing page protection
    • Under Settings > LP Protect


You will see the dedicated LP Key script (which is to be placed in your LPs. Once you have set them up in your LPs, your LPs will be concealed.)
It’s not 100% foolproof, but it definitely is very useful in keeping you stealthy.

  • Monitoring of flagged domains
    • Whenever your LPs or domains get flagged, it will be highlighted in red, with a small red alert icon on the affected LPs. 
  • Mass edit of domains possible (easy to change domains once flagged)
    • This is an amazing feature, and a MASSIVE timesaver.
      If you have 100 live LPs running on the flagged domain, you can imagine the horror if you have to switch each of them manually. With this, you can select and amend in bulk.
  • Auto Domain Change
    • The feature that helps you sleep soundly at night.
      You can plug in a number of backup domains, and if any of your active domains get flagged, their system will automatically replace the flagged domains with these clean backup domains.
    • This is a feature you will truly appreciate when you have been burned by flagged domains and LPs that go down overnight, and you wake up to a sea of red campaigns. 
  • Custom Report Column
    • You have the ability to tweak your own Stats dashboard. You can enter add new columns, and enter in the corresponding formulae. 
    • Two examples of such columns we’ve created ourselves are – EPC (LP), and CR (LP)
  • Easy to set up because they are integrated with many networks and traffic sources 
  • Fully owned data management, with the ability to access historical data 
  • Easy to work with and set up 
  • Super responsive and knowledgeable Support team!
    • They have a team of extremely helpful and capable people who have resolved every little issue of ours since day one. We’ve always been impressed with their response times, even on weekends.

Our Wishlist

  1. LP Flagging

– Enable platform wide mass LP group changes once a domain is detected to be flagged instead of changing only for the detected flagged LPs.

– Enable sequenced domains change instead of random domain changes (when we have a list of spare domains inserted)

  1. Enable postback %payout to be added at campaign level (currently only traffic source level able to do that)
  2. Enable split testing of different offers within multi-offers LP campaign without requiring to set up new paths.
  3. Binom does not support multiple server configuration. Having a multiple server configuration would ensure maximum uptime.


We’ve been using Binom for a year now, and it’s been great for us so far. We highly recommend them, and only because we’re heavy users ourselves too. If you are new to Binom and keen to try them out, you can get a one-month free trial HERE.

Do check out our Binom X Wewe Media Platform Integration Guide to easily set up conversion tracking in a few simple steps!

The Wewe Media Team is always happy to answer any questions if you have any, so just comment away!



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