EPISODE #1: The Wewe Story
Starting his own affiliate network was a goal Ronny Lua, co-founder of Wewe Media, had after venturing into the affiliate marketing world for a few years and realizing the opportunities it offered. However, this came with its own set of challenges, especially in Asia where affiliate marketing still is a niche industry.  Find out how he transitioned from a solo affiliate to starting a global performance marketing network as well as tips and mistakes you should avoid if you are thinking about starting your own network. 

You’ll Find Out:

  • Ronny’s journey into the affiliate marketing industry
  • Ronny’s first big win and big loss
  • Challenges he faced when transitioning to an affiliate network
  • Good and bad points of being a Singapore-based network
  • Tips and recommendations

Guest: Ronny Lua
Hosts: Darren Liu & Erwann

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