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The SMS Queen of Affiliate Marketing

“Keep growing vertically till you realise you’re only moving horizontally, and you know its time to move on”
“Happiness is a state of mind that you can feel and find within yourself”
– Moon Pham

Today’s special guest, Moon Pham!
Founder of Fami Ads & Moma Media. Be informed with her tips and other knowledgeable advice about the Email and SMS marketing in the affiliate industry. Insider info and details about how she started as an account manager to becoming a multi business owner. How is it for her to hire, train and retain a media buyer in this vast industry.

Youll Find Out: 

  • Why and how Moon started Email marketing
  • The creation of Moma Network and running her own private email network
  • Diving into Facebook and learning the ropes from scratch
  • Moon’s success with SMS marketing
  • Difference between Email marketing and SMS marketing
  • How important is one’s company culture and hiring the right staff
  • Journey to being a great manager

Guest: Moon Pham- Founder, Fami Ads & Moma Media

Host: Jon Semira

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