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The SMS Wizard of Affiliate Marketing


-Aaron Tan

Today’s episode is an exclusive, Mandarin version of one-on-one interview with special guest, Aaron Tan!

Founder of Wewe Media Group. Be informed with his tips and other knowledgeable advice about SMS marketing in the affiliate industry. Insider info and details about how he started as an accountant to becoming a SMS Wizard, earning high profits. He shares about his journey and what he did to get so successful today.

You’ll Find Out: 

  • Why and how Aaron started Wewe Media Group
  • How Aaron became the best at what he does- SMS Marketing
  • Biggest challenge experienced doing SMS Marketing
  • The different traffic sources Aaron went into before SMS and his experiences
  • Aaron’s success with SMS marketing
  • Tips and tricks for an SMS beginner
  • Why Aaron started Wewe Institution
    • “I launched the Wewe Institution for one main purpose, to share knowledge. I know first hand how it feels like to be an affiliate and the struggles that we face throughout our entrepreneurial journey. Earlier in my career, I wish that there was an online institution like this that existed, where I could learn from experts and help accelerate my business. By building the Wewe Institution affiliates have access to courses, case studies, blog posts and valuable information that can help them grow.”

Guest: Aaron Tan- Founder of Wewe Media Group

Host: Charlene Hu

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