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Affiliate Mastermind: Your Shortcut to Success?

“There’s a reason why 5% or less make all the money – they have information you don’t.”
– Richard Oki, COO, Deberoo 

The shortcut to success? It’s not just working harder, but smarter. Finding the right guidance could propel your success in ways you can’t imagine. Today we’re excited to have Richard Oki, COO of Deberoo, the masterminds behind a series of proven affiliate coaching programs. Join us as we find out about Richard’s background from newbie to super affiliate marketer making 5 figures, a deeper look into their mastermind and why it might just be what you need as well as affiliate tips we can all learn from.

You’ll Find Out:  

  • Richard’s journey from newbie to super affiliate marketer 
  • Why a Mastermind is your shortcut to success
    – How Deberoo differs from the rest
    – Upcoming masterminds  (Including access to more than 10K value worth of coaching)
  • Tips on approaching affiliate marketing full time
    – Why it’s important to find the right guidance and mindset
  • Trends in Blackhat vs Whitehat
  • Richard’s first success and challenges faced 

When we say that Deberoo is all about no-nonsense coaching, they mean it. And they’re giving 3 of our lucky listeners a chance to join their December  Mastermind worth €1000! Join this Giveaway HERE and try it out for yourself!

Guest: Richard Oki, COO at Deberoo
Host: Jon Semira

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