EPISODE #3:  Affiliate World Europe 2019 Review (Live Exclusive Podcast)

Affiliate World Europe Barcelona 2019 was sure an AWEsome time for us and we thank everyone for your enthusiastic support!  The Wewe Media Team is here to bring you an exclusive podcast episode recorded live at our booth. Join us as we discuss our thoughts on AWE and listen to what everyone had to say about their biggest challenges in affiliate marketing in 2019. Do you face these challenges too? Let us know your thoughts and we look forward to see everyone at the next conference!

Snippets from the ground:  

  • “I’ve been focusing on growing my team, if I were to say the biggest challenge in AM, it is to be able to build up a team….when you have a company the challenge is to manage these people. Trust me it’s never easy to manage people.” – Benjamin Yong, Super Affiliate
  • “Biggest challenge is finding the right balance with good traffic sources without getting into issues in restriction in each geo.” Rachid Akka, Creative Clicks 
  • “Since the start of 2019, we already felt lots of challenges ahead of us, such as regulations getting stricter. The industry has changed, with offers using Credit Card Trial being clamped down and business going towards Straight Sales and COD in the South East Asia market. ” (Translated) – Xie Da, Idvert 

Host: Darren Liu
Co-Host: Jon Semira 

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