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An Insider’s Look To Your 5 Mins News with Emanuel Cinca

Looking for your 5 mins affiliate news covering only the real deal?  WHAT THE AFF is your gem. Join us for an enlightening peek into how WTAFF Founder, Emanuel Cinca, started his journey to launch a now widely subscribed affiliate marketing email newsletter with bite-sized yet impactful content. What’s more, get yourself equipped with his personal recommendations on running affiliate marketing campaigns,  all in this episode.

So make sure to tune in and if  you haven’t signed up to WHAT THE AFF yet? Do it here!

You’ll Find Out:  

  • How WTAFF started out 
  • Where their great content comes from
  • How sustainable is affiliate marketing? 
  • Future plans for WTAFF 
  • Recommendations for affiliate forums, spytools, trackers, traffic source 
  • Creating a unique selling point as a network or advertiser
  • Rapid Fire Questions: 10 things you probably didn’t know about Emanuel 

About that Push Traffic Ebook we mentioned in our podcast, if you missed it in WTAFF, you can download it here

Guest:Emanuel Cinca, Founder, WHAT THE AFF

Host: Jon Semira

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