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4 Steps to Landing Page Success with Oliver Kenyon

“Web design is an art, landing page is a science, and there’s a science in what goes on behind your landing page” – Oliver Kenyon, Founder, Landing Page Guys

A pretty landing page isn’t going to get you sales without the right strategy, and that’s where Oliver Kenyon, founder of The Landing Page Guys comes in. Get yourself set up for landing page success in this episode as the man behind the largest affiliate marketing community – and numerous online ventures in the affiliate space shares his exciting entrepreneurial journey and useful tips. Learn why his 4 step funnel will help your landing pages convert and how he drove cold traffic conversion rate from 1% to 8% for a very happy client.

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You’ll Find Out:  

  • Oliver’s journey from qualified chef to online entrepreneur 
  • The creation of The Landing Page Guys 
  • Tips on juggling multiple projects & lessons learnt  
  • 4 Step Funnel to set up your landing page success
  • Future plans for The Landing Page Guys 
  • Rapid Fire Questions: 10 things you probably didn’t know about Oliver Kenyon

Guest: Oliver Kenyon, Founder, The Landing Page Guys
Host: Jon Semira

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