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EPISODE #7: A Decade in the Affiliate Network Space – The Ups the downs and everything in between with Mike Semira

Sometimes life takes you on an unexpected journey, as we’ll  find out with today’s special guest Mike Semira, former SVP of Supply & Strategy of Mundo Media. From car magazine salesman to leading a global team at Mundo Media and now VP of DMS Group, you can say that this guy has gone through it all. 

Also the man who propelled our Podcast Host Darren into the affiliate industry, we’re excited to have him on our show to talk about his ups and downs throughout the journey, his time at Mundo Media and what led to its eventual decline. Trust us when we say this is a story you’ll love.

You’ll Find Out:  

  • How Mike propelled Darren into the AM industry (Hint: All it took was one Bachelor party)
  • Mike’s journey from Car magazine salesman to Senior Affiliate Manager at Mundo Media
  • Challenges and how he became former SVP of Supply and Strategy of Mundo Media 
  • What led to Mundo Media’s decline
  • His greatest achievements so far
  • Life lessons he has learnt 
  • What’s up and coming for him
  • Recommendations on becoming an affiliate manager

Guest: Mike Semira
Host: Darren Liu

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